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Army Surplus Cot

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British Army Cot Camp Bed Caps

Surplus Cots

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Army Surplus Cots

The army surplus cots are a great choice for those looking for a versatile and affordable bed to keep their army rations and other needs together. The frame is made from aluminium and the baggies around the top make it easy to grab a quilt or blanket when you're ready to sleep. this is a surplus cot bed that is being replaced with a new nipple end cap. The cot is in excellent condition and is for a us army regiment. This is a great cot for those with a cold climate. the army surplus cot bed is a great choice for those who love the comfort and protection that cots offer. It comes in a set of four, is made from durable plastic, and is covered in privacy netting to keep you from seeing what's going on in your room. the army cots surplus bed is a great new military army field hospital bed that can be attached to a stand to provide tranq and trachelectomy services. The bed can be fully adjustable to fit all shapes and sizes, making it perfect for prepper and military operations.