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Bedside Cot

This is a Bedside Cot storage organizer for the pad magazine, it is an 3 layer organizer for the caddy, with pockets for publication day card, mug, and book. The Bedside Cot is a top-notch storage solution for the office or home.

Side Cot

This is a peerless substitute to keep your magazines in place and straightforward to reach at the same time! The 8 pockets are fantastic for your comics, movies, etc, the caddy is in like manner adjustable to suit any caddy size so you can keep it amped or keeping just a little bit of space in the caddy. The Bedside Cot storage is an unequaled solution for today's family lifestyle, with its 8 pockets along the bottom, 3 in the top), this Cot can hold all the gear your family will need to stay connected and connected to you. The hanging caddy is again comfortable to operate and makes having a Cot in every room effortless to do, this Bedside Cot is a top-of-the-line substitute for parents who desiderate to provide a sleeping area for their children during the day. The Cot comes with a com and cradle for new parents, as well as a nursery carrier to help provide for early morning or evening starts, the grey color is stylish and effective, making this is a first-class way for any home want to style out. This bed is best-in-the-class for a baby or toddler who is sleeping in the middle of the bed, the Cot effortless to set up and is adjustable to a height or depth of up to 16. 5 inches, the soft, soft fabric and finish make it a top-grade alternative for busy mommies and lazy dad's. The com feature is unequaled for extra small babies or toddlers and can hold up to four baby items, the extra-large, hard-shell case also includes the Cot and this bed is first-class for pediatrics, pediatrics, nursing, or single momma's who itch to keep their baby awake and safe.