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Cot Pads

Looking for a comfortable camping cot? Look no more than the our navy blue offer a soft and comfortable sleeping mattress pad for your use, from the field, they are easily managed with their design. For those who like to travel, the also come with a travel case available for free.

Cot Pads Camping

Our Cot Pads are excellent for camping or for use as a sleeping bed in your home, our soft cotton fabric is comfortable to sleep in and will keep you warm in the cold weather. Our thick sleeping mattress pad will keep you warm and comfortable all winter, this Cot mattress pad is a top-notch surrogate for suitors who like to camp. It is facile to store and is unrivalled for carrying around, it is furthermore enticing for folks with allergies or other respiratory problems. This Cot pillow is fabricated of soft cotton and sleeping bed made for camping and the outdoors, it gives a comfortable cover that is thick and soft to the touch. The Cot cushion gives a small hole in the middle to tailor a sleeping bag or mattress pad and is likewise roomy enough to tailor any other sleeping bag or mattress pad, it is furthermore soft and susceptible to be made into a quilt. This camping Cot pad mattress is produced of harder, more durable materials that can handle the use of a lot of your body's weight, it's a sensational piece of gear for lovers long-term camping or travel plans. The camping Cot pad mattress is produced of thick blue-75 x28 cotton and foam, making it straightforward to sleep on, plus, the soft and soft feel will ensure your stress free feel when travelin'.