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Extra Wide Cot

This Extra Wide Cot is superb for camping, hiking, or sleeping in, it is manufactured of heavy-duty steel for lasting use. The Cot can be easily attached to the trailhead or camping area with heavy duty steel.

Best Extra Wide Cot

This trailhead Cot is sensational for larger group camping, it is Extra Wide and extends a heavy-duty steel frame. It can accommodate up to 45 people per cot, the soft, family-fortable mattress features an extra- Wide variety of fabric for a warm and cozy night's sleep. Plus, the large window and soft toy box juniors make the Cot a sensational spot to keep your children entertained, the Extra Wide Cot is top-notch for larger families or groups. It can be easily large enough to accommodate a small group of people, and can be easily taking away when not in use, the heavy-duty steel frame means that it will last long on the job site. The Extra Wide Cot also comes with a foam mattress, this Cot comes with a lot of features and capabilities, making it splendid for a variety of purposes. This Cot is valuable for admirers who wish for an Extra Wide camping Cot to sleep in, this frame is produced with heavy-duty steel for an excellent nights sleep. It also renders a soft, spacious feel to it, this Cot is top-quality for family camps and will provide you with a good night's sleep. This Extra Wide Cot is dandy for adults who itch to sleep in all day and do not have any other alternative to sleep, this Cot comes with a large sleeping space that peerless for an admirer to sleep in the morning. This Cot is further large enough to sleep in comfort while travelling, this Cot is an Extra Wide Cot that is exquisite for shoppers who covet to buy it or rent a cot.