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Full Size Cot Mattress

Looking for a spacious Cot bed for your toddler? Examine our Full Size Cot bed! With a graco premium foam crib sheet and tight-fitting toddler bed mattress, this bed is for you, plus, the standard Size is a top-rated fit for any space.

Cot Bed Matress

This Cot bed matress is a first-class way for a camping or travel basis, it is fabricated out of steel polyurethane memory foam cover and offers a large, but manageable size. It is again made to meet the needs of people who like to spend their time in the sun, in addition, the Cot bed matress features a stansport logo in the center of the cover. This means that you can trust that you are getting a quality product, this camping bed is produced of steel polyurethane Mattress steel for durability and a high level of performance. It gives a Full Size look to it with a dark brownish color, it is about 1200 density for use in the outdoors. The bed can sleep up to six people comfortably, this intex raised airbed 16 air Mattress with hand held 120 v pump - twin Size is terrific for small mommies and papas travel cots. It presents a comfortable and spacious feel to it, making it outstanding for busy days or long journeys, the bed is furthermore high-quality and durable, with a long-lasting finish that will last for years. With this mattress, you'll be able to sleep like a baby with plenty of support, the ez-bed is a high-quality air Mattress with a deflate defender technology that ensures your sleep always safe. These cots are top-of-the-line for lovers who are digging for an extra large bed to sleep in.