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Kamp Rite Oversize Tent Cot

This kamp-rite Oversize Tent Cot is an outstanding alternative to add an extra bed to your home and make a two person bed in a hurry! It can be tailored to your needs with a soft, cozy feel for added comfort, the Cot comes with a camping sleeping system, making it facile to get started. The Tent Cot can sleep four people easily and renders a small footprint for facile storage.

Large Cot Tent

This large Cot Tent is top-rated for sleeping in or as a small Cot for uncomplicated storage, it is produced of durable materials with a comfortable fit, making it an exceptional alternative for outdoor camping or hiking. This kamp-rite Oversize Cot is a splendid alternative for enthusiasts who grove on the green color, this Cot comes with a kamp-rite elevated series tent, so you can add this type of Tent to your layout. The kamp-rite Oversize Cot is furthermore lightweight and can be easily moved around your house, the kamp- Rite oversized Tent Cot is prime for camping, fishing, or hunting. This Tent Cot is large enough to suit all of your belongings while also being able to trap the soul of the person it is for, with its overweight cot, it is sure to fill the need for a heavy-duty Tent cot. This kamp-rite oversized Tent Cot is an enticing substitute to keep your Cot warm and comfortable, the large size of the Cot makes it effortless to store and basic to maneuver. The Cot also gives a comfortable cover that will keep you Cot warm.