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Pierre Auguste Cot The Storm

The Storm is an innovative and high-quality fine art on this high-quality art work is created with The viewer in mind, what's more, it's delivered right to your door.

Best Pierre Auguste Cot The Storm

This painting is about storm, in particular The aftermath, The rain and air-intensiveness, The blood and ash, The silence. It's a visual of The event, of what happened, The painting com large, with a small painting of a man, at The center. The painted surface is white, while The real canvas is black, used for The art, this painting is in french, and is called The storm. This painting by Pierre Auguste Cot is a stormy sky with captives and it's sad to see, The painting is signed and it's signed with The name "pierre Auguste cot". The painting is of 24 x36 inches only and is signed with The name "pierre Auguste cot", this painting was created in The type of water color wash and it is mural form. The wash is based on The theme of "the storm" which is associated with The events of The year 1861 in france, The Storm is seen in The sky as eagles and stars fly through The air, while light showers and rains fall from The sky. In The background we can see The collapse of The bastille palace, Pierre Auguste Cot The Storm is created using a lithography process. This print is hai-lined and featuring a hispano-american flag, The process starts with a full-tone color printing process by The year 1700. The printer roanne then travels to The lithography mill with The colors to create The print, The print is The nailed on a high-quality paper using a water based paint process. The final product is a fantastic one-of-a-kind Storm print.