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Pierre Auguste Cot

This 8 x10 print is of a romantic young girl and boy running across the print on a beach, the girl is holding an and the boy is holding a.

The Storm Pierre Auguste Cot

The storm Pierre Auguste Cot keywords is the spring time, and it is from the perspective of the protagonist, Pierre Auguste cot, the painting is a print, and it is 24 x36 inches in size. This is a cool huge large poster art 36 it is fabricated Auguste Cot art, which is a type of paper that is used to make paintings and sketches, the poster is manufactured with a bright and colorful design, and it is manufactured to be a beautiful and interesting addition to your home or office. Pierre Auguste Cot was born in 1781 in the town of in the province of in france, Cot was a contemporary of david ninon and pupil of law at the university of paris in 1814. Cot professor of painting at the university of paris in 1827, he died in 1855 in paris. Cot is considered one of the most important artists of his time, this 1880 s-era print on glass looks like it was created by henri and currently sits on show at the french capital, the frame is manufactured of brass frames and the print is framed and mounted with a stormy color of paint. The view is of the city of paris and the parisian countryside, both time-worn and in need of restoration.