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Pop Up Cot

This 2-person compact portable pop-up tent is sterling for camping, hiking, or anywhere that an air mattress or sleeping bag is not enough, it is fabricated of durable materials and can hold Up to 2 people, making it an enticing portable pop-up tent for camping, hiking, or sleeping in the comfort of your home. Whether you're packing for a trip or just need a few sleeping options, this tent is right at home in your home.

2-Person Compact Portable Pop-Up Tent Camping Cot W/ Air Mattress & Sleeping Bag

2-Person Compact Portable Pop-Up Tent

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1 Person Instant Tent Cot w/ Rainfly Camping Outdoor Gear Ozark Trail All Season

1 Person Instant Tent Cot

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Outsunny Camping Cot Tent w/ Comfortable Air Mattress Warm Cozy Sleeping Bag

Outsunny Camping Cot Tent w/

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1-Person Outdoor Compact Portable Pop-Up Tent/Camping Cot w/ Air Mattress & Bag

2 Person Pop Up Portable Folding Outdoor Cot

This 2 person Pop Up portable folding outdoor Cot is prime for camping, hiking, or travel, it is lightweight and uncomplicated to set up, even for small hands. It presents an air mattress for sleeping and a sleeping bag for a bag, it can be taken along on your travels or stored in your home. It is compatable with both electric and gas engines, this 2 person Cot with sleeping bag and waterproof backpack is exquisite for those or holiday essentials. It peerless for family travel and is affordable, this Cot gives a comfortable mixture of firm and cushy mattress for both you and your sleeping bag. It also gives a small opening at the base to allow for basic blocking of accidents, the tent can be easily set Up in minutes using the included form-factor accessory. The Cot comes with a small 3 in 1 step stool for facile entry and exit, this Cot tent is a terrific substitute for camping with two people. So you and your sleeping bag can be comfortable and warm, it offers a pop-up tent mattress design, so you can sleep comfortingly air-tight. Plus, the air mattress will keep you warm, so you can sleep hours on end, this Pop Up camping Cot is a valuable surrogate for suitors who desiderate to stay entertained and comfortable while camping. It comes with 2 people, making it first-class for small camping trips or travels, the Cot imparts a large and lightweight design, making it top grade for small campers or small tents. The Cot also presents an air mattress for sleep, along with a sleeping bag and a refrigerator for food, this Cot is top-of-the-line for entertaining or staying warm in the cold weather.