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Sleigh Cot Bed

Our savannah city sleigh solid wooden cot bed with water repellent mattress mcc is the perfect bed for people who need a comfortable and full body bed night. Our bed is made with solid wooden screwed with water repellent mattress in order to keep you comfortable in the morning.

Cot Bed Sleigh

The cotswolds are a beautiful area for spending a winter holiday. The snow is short but the walks and inglenesse are so that you can find your way. The bed sleigh is a great option for.

White Sleigh Cot

This crib is new and we issued it as a free gift with the junior cot kit. This cot is a good for children aged 6-8 years old. It is made from safety glass and safety matting for peace of mind. The cot has a pull up system to keep it from falling apart and is options to add a british made mattress or a white sleigh cot junior bed. This cot is a great gift and is perfect for the junior cot kit. the sleigh cot bed with drawer is perfect for those who love to sleep in. This bed has a grey finish to it and is made up of a high-quality airflow fibre mattress. It is the perfect choice for those who want to sleep in the cold winter days. this is a new baby cot with a mattress and drawer. You can choose to or choose to add a sleepereely sleepy daze mattress to the cot. The cot can be placed in a room with a 140x70x10cm size. this wooden sleigh cot bed is perfect for those who love to go to the forest. The bed is made of cotwood with a water repellent mattress. It is also great for those with allergies or asthma.