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Tangkula 2 Person Tent Cot

This camping Tent is first-rate for 2 people! It can easily be turned into a bed and 2 people can sleep in it together, it is conjointly water resistant so you can take it into the pool or swamp without any issues. The Cot also extends a water resistant cover on it that can protect it from the outside, this is an enticing camping Tent for lovers who have a few people or often have people coming and going.

Tangkula 2-person Outdoor Camping Tent Cot

This matress peerless for 2 people, it effortless to set up and is top-grade for outdoor camping. It offers a comfortable sleep system that is sure to please, the matress also extends a built-in Cot foldable air mattress that can keep you r2 people warm and comfortable. This Tent is a first-class substitute for folks wanting for an outdoor camping experience, it is an elevated camping Tent that can be used as a sleeping bag and Cot foldable air mattress. This Tent also grants 2 people allowed so that up to 8 people can stay in it at the same time, this camping Tent is exceptional for 2 people. It is facile to fold up and can sleep 4 people comfortably, the cover is water resistant and can be closed with a key ring for security. The Tent can be used as a camping shelter, Cot and also offers a self-inflating pre-measuredarea for children's sizes, this camping 3-person Tent is exceptional for 2 people who itch to stay dry and be all together in one place. The Tangkula 2-person camping Tent comes at a price and is superb for 2 people who itch to spend a long time in one place, it is further good for individuals who desiderate to spend a day in the water. The Tangkula 2-person camping Tent is produced to last for many people and renders an airtight seal.