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Trilite Cot

If you're scouring for a stylish and durable Cot that can sleep four, the Trilite Cot camping is a fantastic choice, with its stylish design and large capacity cots, this bed will keep you warm and dry during the winter. Plus, its three layer of compressed air will help keep you cleaned up after a long day.

Byer Trilite Folding Cot

This Trilite folding Cot is a first-rate substitute for camping or hiking, it is adult-sized, provides a comfortable fit, and can be folded down to within reach of a hand. The Trilite design allows the user to customize the height by adding or remove items to from the body of the cot, the Cot comes with a built-in cup for drinking from and a water bottle-sized hole in the top. This tri-fold Cot is a splendid surrogate for when you want to stay small and compact, the Cot imparts a comfortable three-layered fabric and is manufactured to suit three people. It also imparts a built-in privacy curtain and is uncomplicated to fold up, the Trilite Cot camping cots are sterling for adults who desiderate to sleep long hours without getting sick. The cots are made of soft, lightweight fiberfill and can be easily packed and packed for the trip, they are basic to clean and are unrivaled for any use that needs to be made of them. The Trilite Cot is a beneficial surrogate to spend a summer night or while you work on your farm, it is large enough to tailor all of you four, and provides a bed that is around 6" tall. The Cot also offers a light weight cover on it that will help you sleep, the Trilite Cot is manufactured with 3" flywheels and is straightforward to clean.