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Used Mortuary Cots

This model 27 Used Mortuary cot is a first rate addition to your funeral home, this cot comes with a heavy-duty washable quilt set.

Mortuary Cots

The Mortuary cots are top-of-the-line for keeping the dead comfortable and safe, these cots are made with a heavy-duty washable quilt set and provide a comfortable environment for the dead. The cots are also uncomplicated to set up and are first-rate for busy morticians, the Mortuary cot is an outstanding alternative for lovers who desiderate to be close to their dead relatives or friends during their funeral. It is comfortable and can hold a lot of people, making it top-rated for preparing their bodies for death, the cot also imparts a built in tray that can be Used for drinking or eating, making it a top-rated way for funeral home staff. The Mortuary cot is adjustable to suit the size of your person, it is furthermore available in chrome 12 and features an 12"x12" photosensitive typing field for your information. It is a top-grade way to keep your funeral home scouring good at the death of your person, the use of Mortuary cots in a funeral home is often necessary in order to keep the dead's body cold and secure. Some countries also have rules about what amount of light is allowed into the tomb, and it may be necessary to set up cots in order to keep the dead warm.