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Vintage Metal Cot

Looking for a unique piece of furniture? check out our vintage metal cot canvas wood frame! This cot can be converted into a beautiful wood frame with metal brackets.

Vintage Canvas Cot

If you're looking for a classic and affordable way to your home with style, the vintage canvas cotillion cotney could be perfect for you! This cotillion is marquee quality with careful and accurate details, making it one of the most unique and expensive pieces of art you will ever own. If you're looking for a high-quality and affordable way to your home, the vintage canvas cotillion cotney is a great option!

Retro Cot

This is a great value frame for the price you pay. This frame is made of canvas wood and is frameable with metal brackets. It has a green canvas fabric canvas frame and a wood frame. The frame is a great for using as a cot, car seat, or home office. this is a vintage folding cot style eyeglass watch trinket rest holder made of leather with a metal finish. The piece is 7. 5 inches in diameter and has a 7. 5-inch-long straps. It is made of metal and has a vintage-looking look to it. The trinket rest holder is great for storing or displaying eyeglasses, watches, or other trinkets. this classic cot bed is a great addition to any bed and chair set. It is made from vintage fold-a-dot canvas wood frame and the metal bracket it contents of the bed is from the korean war. This bed is a great size for two and is great for lulling two into a comfortable sleep. this antique cot bed is a great addition to your bedroom. It is well-made from vintage canvas wood frame and metal bracket. You'll love the look of this cot bed's outdated style.