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Rio Gear Xl Camping Cot

The new Rio Gear Xl Camping Cot outdoor sleeping folding bed with stow away pouches is a fantastic way for lovers who desire to go camping, this Cot comes with a built-in Cot base and is manufactured from durable materials that will last for years. It also comes with access to two storage pouches and a built-in lamp.

Rio Xl Camping Cot

The Rio Xl Camping Cot is a new, Gear Xl Camping Cot that outdoors sleeping and foldable bed with stow away pockets, it is prime for individuals who appreciate to camp and want something that can hold all their Gear while they're on the go. The Xl Cot provides a size that can fit most tents and other items, making it a top-notch substitute for lovers who desire to stay connected to their home campers and families, the new Rio Gear Xl Camping Cot offers a new surrogate to sleep. It comes with multiple stow away pouches, making it straightforward to grab a sleep bag or sleeping bag in the morning, the Cot also provides a built-in flashlight, making it unequaled for campsites or while camping. This is a stylish and sturdy Cot from Rio brands that comes with a storage capacity of 1, 5 m3. It comes with black leather with a soft, water resistant finish, it is produced to do many things: from providing seating for two to storage in a single move, it grants a (walled area) for ease of access to allow for uncomplicated cleaning. The Cot comes with a comfortable design and a well-crafted overall, this camp Cot is exquisite for people who desire to camp in any weather condition. It is a first-class way for lovers who adore the outdoors, or who ache to stay warm and dry, this Cot is uncomplicated to set up and is first-rate for individuals who crave to stay in touch with their family and friends.